Homes that are close to a park or other public recreational areas will draw people who want to have some quiet time and a place to park. The presence of a playground or other play equipment can help with your home sale. Also, homes near other well-developed neighborhoods such as a golf course or lake can increase your home’s resale value.

1. Importance Of  Having Good Home Resale Value  

 Your home’s location is important when it comes to having good home resale value. If your home is not strategically located in a prime location, it can cause you to have a low home resale value. There are many reasons for a home’s placement that is why you need to research each one carefully. For example, do you live in a place that has lots of crimes, is close to a highway, and is congested? The more amenities that are near your home, the better your chances of selling your home fast.

The proximity to a school and childcare can make or break the home s resell value; if the home is otherwise perfect for buyers who plan on starting a family, being close to a school, childcare center, or bus stop can draw families with young children. The number of kids that you have will also impact your home resale value. If you don’t have any younger children, then you won’t have to worry about the convenience of a public school bus and will be able to sell your house fast.

Another aspect that can affect your home resale value is if the schools in your area are good. Having a great school system nearby can lead to more people wanting to move to that area and take up residence. Good schools are almost always located close to grocery stores, hospitals, other businesses, and other residential neighborhoods so having a high school worth of land can lead to a quick sale. There is no better selling point for a home than the school districts. If your school district has built new schools that haven’t yet hit the market, it’s probably best to list the home first and wait for word of mouth to come out before listing it.

                 2. Home Improvements Than Can Decrease Your Home’s Resale Value   

There are not many home remodel improvements that can actually decrease the resale value, but there are many false advertisements that claim this addition or that will guarantee a big increase in home value. The real key to home selling success is to have a well-designed home, keep it up to date, and keep the landscaping updated. You will need to be creative and constantly thinking of new ways to make your property better, but do not overdo it so that you lose curb appeal.  

Some people think that money spent on updating or maintaining their home should somehow constitute an investment, but the truth is buyers expect to pay market rate for well maintained and up to date homes.  Otherwise, they will be looking for big discounts

Here is a list of some of the things to avoid if you are hoping to get your money back that you spend on home improvements:

– Carpet.  Carpets are often replaced by new home owners anyway.  The chances of you picking a carpet that fits the taste of a potential buyer are slim.  Try cleaning existing carpets, and only replace carpets that are beyond repair.

-Paint.  Like carpet, most buyers will budget for paint to fit their own taste in a new purchase.  Money spent on paint is usually wasted, unless the old paint is an odd color, or beyond cleaning and spot-repairs.

-Wall Paper.  Just don’t.

-Exterior Siding/Paint.  As in the other examples, exterior colors and materials are highly subjective.  Covering or painting a brick exterior is almost certainly a waste of time and money.

-Low end anything.  If you choose to replace anything in your home, do not go with the cheapest available product.  These replacements will normally be viewed by a new buyer as both a removal and replacement cost.  Examples of this improvement are Formica(r) counter-tops and bath inserts.  Only go with low-end products if you plan on staying in your home a long time, they will NOT pay off when you go to sell.

                   3. Tips For Boosting Your Home’s Resale Value 

Some of the best home improvements that can increase the resale value include new windows, doors, insulation, or adding an extra bathroom or storage area. New windows that are double-glazed can reduce heat loss and provide you with more energy-efficient windows, especially if you live in an area where winter temperatures are below freezing. Adding new double doors to the kitchen and bathroom can give your home a facelift, and painting the garage and porch can give your home a fresh, clean appearance.

Improved landscaping gives a good first impression and certain plants that offer shade can help weatherization the home, protecting it from the elements as well as lowering the homes Gas South utility bill.

If you’re looking to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, one of the things that can help you is a modern living room with an open floor plan. Many homeowners prefer a vaulted ceiling design in their living rooms to allow plenty of light and airflow through the area. The problem with a vaulted ceiling, however, is that it can limit the amount of space that you have available for living room furniture and other important items such as closets or even the bathroom. Luckily there are tips for increasing your home’s resale value that will help you make your living room feel more spacious. Here are some suggestions that you can use to create a more spacious feeling in your home. Creating open floor plans in your home’s resale value has two major benefits. First off, it increases the level of energy efficiency in your home-from both from a practical and an aesthetic standpoint. By creating more open space, you’ll also be able to get a better view of your home which can help improve your home’s resale value by leaps and bounds. Additionally, by using open floor plans you can include more storage space and a larger entrance hall with sliding glass doors. While some homeowners may not think that they have the space for luxury kitchens, they really do have a lot of options with a well-designed kitchen. Just because you’re not digging through the basement for storage does not mean that you can’t have luxury kitchens in your home even if your basement is just next to the garage.

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